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X-Ray Peek by Michel
Product Image


The lab-condition peek

The spectator writes any secret information on a card. You wrap the card with a sheet of aluminum foil, and you instantly peek at the info. A complete peek right in front of the spectator's eyes! The spectator can even hold the aluminum packet and check that you can't see anything through it! This is X-Ray Peek, a natural, impossible, lab-condition way to secretly peek at any information. Say farewell to your traditional peek wallet; this is flat, lightweight, innocent looking and very deceptive. The ideal EDC peek for any mentalist!
  • This isn't a reflection peek
  • Full peek
  • Flat and lightweight
  • Perfect for drawing duplications
  • The EDC peek for any mentalist
  • Always ready
  • Extremely durable
  • It looks like an innocent aluminum foil sheet
  • The spectator can hold the aluminum packet with his card inside
  • One by one handcrafted
Includes: Specially designed and gimmicked aluminum sheet, blank cards and video download instructions.