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Ultimate Secrets Revealed by Jay Crowe
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From the devious mind of Jay Crowe, creator of the highly acclaimed effects: Shift Self Bending Fork, Shift Key and Aura comes ULTIMATE SECRETS REVEALED:

After 3 years in the making, this book is the compilation of effects that use smart advanced materials to deliver real magic. In ULTIMATE SECRETS REVEALED you'll learn the most groundbreaking unusual magic, fresh ideas, creative methods, and secrets only known to a select few.

In this new book, Jay has decided to release his most closely guarded secrets: a collection of deceptions using advanced smart materials.

The exclusive concepts and methods contained within this book, are some of the most original that you'll ever see.

Confessions of a Crow in 12 routines.

Butterfly effect: a butterfly is drawn in a playing card box and it comes to life. No strings, wires, or magnets. Just a smart material that will surprise you.

Miracle shoelaces: Walk up to someone on the street and show them your shoelaces. Under your control the shoelaces VISIBLY CHANGE COLOR!

Game of Imagination: things freely IMAGINED by your spectators become real. Imagine asking them to imagine they are writing on an invisible cell phone ANYTHING they want, and that becomes real...

and so MUCH MORE!