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John Carney's Carneycopia by Stephen Minch
R: $60.00
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Written by Stephen Minch, Carneycopia is a foundational magic book covering the diverse and remarkable work of world-renowned close-up master John Carney. The book is overflowing with a hugely varied range of tricks and methods, all explained with useful insight into Carney's deep understanding of the psychology and showmanship needed to make your magic excel.

John Carney is a performer of unparalleled repute, having received more awards from the Magic Castle in Hollywood than any other magician alive or dead, as well as being awarded the Performing Masters Fellowship by the Academy of Magical Arts - John has even performed on TV on David Letterman's Late Show, in addition to Seinfeld's HBO Special. The material and philosophy of performance taught in Carneycopia is hard-fought real-world knowledge from a pivotal performer.

Carneycopia is packed with an incredibly diverse mix of different tricks and routines, all deeply polished and refined and sure to delight the reader as surely as they will delight audiences. John's material is often built around a strong, visual moment or hook, and his routines use practical doable methods that make them reliable workhorses for commercial performers. With more than 40 items written in Stephen Minch's famously clear and concise style, and lavishly illustrated with over a hundred drawings the material is accessible and easy to follow and learn (although some of the miracles in the book are certainly easier to perform than others, they are all worth the effort).

If you are interested in building a world class repertoire of powerful, engaging magic from one of the very best, or if you want to understand the philosophy of performing of a top-tier talent, then Carneycopia is the book for you.