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NAME IT! by Adrian Vega
NAMEIT_AV )  Trick
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From the creator of Scaandal, Deck Stab, The Poliza and many more magic... we present you, Name It. Adrian Vega shares with the magic community his personal approach of this outstanding effect, a classic plot of card magic.

Using very clever concepts, and ingenious methods together, Adrian has a new approach to this miracle, in a very powerful, easy and practical way, using just ONE deck in full view from the beginning.

The effect is easy to follow, and easy to remember, becoming a very memorable effect due to all the possibilities in his presentations.

Every card has a name written on his back, one spectator thinks of a number and a suit, creating a very free selection. That card would be the only card that matches with your prediction.

You can use any name that you want, in the prediction and in the rest of the deck, giving this the personal touch that you were looking for.

  • Everything is ready to go (just write the names that you want on the back)
  • You can use personal names, cities, numbers, celebrities, etc...
  • Different ideas of presentations on the complete tutorial by Adrian Vega
  • Easy and fun to perform
  • And always ready to go!!