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VELOCITY with Rick Smith Jr.

Just a few secret techniques and styles, taught in this video, will bring you from zero to Pro in no time.
In Velocity, you will quickly learn:

1) The hidden technique for throwing with the power to slice and penetrate.
2) The secret to throwing for speed, distance and accuracy.
3) How to slice through fruits and vegetables like a Samurai blade.
4) How to penetrate hard surfaces like crystallized Styrofoam, pumpkins and cardboard.
5) How to make a card whistle as it cuts through the air.
6) Trick throwing styles and stunts.
7) Multiple throwing styles and when to use.
8) Safety precautions.
9) Proposition betting.
10) How to get a crowd with card throwing.
11) How create your own card throwing show.
12) Four NEW single-handed card flicks that eject cards without throwing them.
13) How to start with no knowledge of card throwing and become deadly; fast.

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