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Cotta's Almanac Transformation Playing Cards
The very first transformation deck issued by Cotta is from 1805. This deck is probably the most famous of all six, and is incredibly scarce. Original illustrations were fiddling artworks done by hand, on copper plates that were manually engraved with stipple and etching, and the cards were printed on linen period stock that was 97 mm x 69 mm in size, with blank card backs and squared corners at that time. Only the court cards were hand-colored, while the number cards used red stencils.
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 VersionItem CodeRetail
Limited Edition 2CARDSCOTTAAL_2LIM$14.99
Limited Edition 3CARDSCOTTAAL_3LIM$14.99
Limited Edition 4CARDSCOTTAAL_4LIM$14.99
Limited Edition 5CARDSCOTTAAL_5LIM$14.99
Limited Edition 6CARDSCOTTAAL_6LIM$14.99
Carat CaseCOTTACARAT$34.99
Gilded Edition 1CARDSCOTTAAL_1GLD$40.00
Gilded Edition 2CARDSCOTTAAL_2GLD$40.00
Gilded Edition 3CARDSCOTTAAL_3GLD$40.00
Gilded Edition 4CARDSCOTTAAL_4GLD$40.00
Gilded Edition 5CARDSCOTTAAL_5GLD$40.00
Gilded Edition 6CARDSCOTTAAL_6GLD$40.00
Gilded 6 Deck SetCARDSCOTTAAL_SET$300.00