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ORBIT by Mark Parker & Jonathan Fox
ORBIT )  Trick
R: $39.95
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"The performance visuals are something special, and ORBIT is definitely a device you need to give serious consideration to purchasing. I loved the original version 20 years ago.. and I REALLY love the supercharged new version of this classic..." -The Magic Roadshow, Reviewer

Full Review
This is exactly the type of magic effect that peaked your interest and served as thegateway to the art. Why? It's super visual, super fun and pulls people in like amagnet. Even better it's EASY to perform allowing you to focus on the mostimportant aspect of any effect - the performance! It also has the advantage ofquick reward - which makes it perfect for street magic, strolling. It gets right tothe point.

Imagine making - Mobile phones, glasses, dishes, wine glasses, credit cards, CD's anysuitable object float between your hands!Orbit is a revolutionary levitation device!
  • Super Visual
  • Easy to do
  • One size fits all
  • No threads or magnets
  • Completely self-contained
  • Robust and heavy duty (THIS IS NOT A TT)
  • No set-up, the gimmick is always ready
  • Comes with special gimmick ready to go
  • Please note angle considerations during performance.
Every detail is covered in a step by step online instructional video. Nothing is left out.Now go out there and blow your spectators away!
Idea for Orbit by Illusion Designer Mark Parker brought to life by Jonathan Fox andGlobal Magic Shop

"Loving the Orbit gimmick! it's so versatile."

"A game changer in levitation gimmicks."

"Orbit is not only what you are thinking of...sometimes small additions make the effectmuch better...this is definitely why i love it!"
- YOAN TANUJI - Magic Dream