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Mono - X Playing Cards
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R: $11.99
Difficulty:No Skill Required

Limited to only 2500 decks.
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"The Mono - X is a fine example of the style that can be conveyed with a minimalist design that makes excellent use of negative space to produce a traditionally styled design with a very modern look." -Ender's Game Review, Reviewer

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Mono - X Playing Cards by Luke Wadey. Embrace the concept of monochrome.

This is the first deck in Luke's newest collection, exploring the use of a single color palette and combining patterns and gradients to achieve a beautifully refined and unique deck of cards.
  • Manufactured by the United States Playing Card Company
  • Crushed, premium Bee card stock, traditionally cut
  • Fully custom 56 card deck, including a double backer card
  • Custom tuck and seal
  • Limited to only 2500 deck
Mono - X has a 2-way back design teamed with side details on the card faces to allow for cardists to flourish and magicians to excel in their routines. The deck uses a variation in line thicknesses and gradients to establish a bold theme carried through from the distinctive card back where an X is created, all the way through the custom pips and court cards. The deck uses a black and white theme throughout, with the red suits being replaced by a light grey.