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Together 2.0 (Red) by Snake
R: $39.95

This torn-and-restored effect joins two systems, allowing 3 different ways to repair the torn card. It's simple to use and will last a long time. It is available in either red or blue.
Product Image


"This has to be one of my favourite VISUAL restorations of a card. With three different variations you can perform this depending on your performance requirements. I love the visual restoration of the last one, but also the instant restoration of the first one looks amazing. The gimmick is so well made you’ll want to spend the time needed to make this look truly impossible." -Paul Romhany, *Reviews Vanish Magazine
Together 2.0. This incredibly visual torn-and-restored effect is surprising, and its method is unique in the world of magic. We join two systems in one, allowing you to perform different ways of reconstruction.

Producing Together 2.0 took us a year. Handmade one by one and examined to deliver the best quality.

This system has surprised many magicians around the world. Its development began in 2017, and now you can have it in your hands.

It has everything you need to perform the effect: gimmick, additional elements and a video tutorial of approximately 40 minutes where we explain in detail how to use it.

It includes 3 reconstruction methods and a bonus on how to replace or repair it if you damage it. It has a duration capacity for more than 200 performances when using it correctly.

As with all effects, we recommend watching the video before handling the trick.