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Wonderous World of Pickpocketing by Hector Mancha
R: $40.00
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"This is a wonderful book. Well-written, entertaining and VERY practical. For a while I lost my nerve with Pickpocketing, but since reading this have gone back to performing this wonderful craft. One of the most useful books I’ve read in years." -Steven Faulkner, Reviewer

Full Review
The perfect gateway into the world of pickpocketing. Vanishing Inc. and Héctor Mancha explore a far-too-often overlooked skill in The Wonderous World Of Pickpocketing.

Learning pickpocketing is something that may intimidate many magicians. Luckily, there is a way to build up your confidence without ever needing to really steal anything. In this incredible book, FISM-winnner Hector Mancha introduces you to the art of theatrical pickpocketing.

This concept has been used by some of the best magicians that ever lived from Alexander Herrmann to Blackstone, Paul Daniels, Derren Brown, Tommy Wonder, Darwin Ortiz and others. Yet, there really hasn't ever been many resources on it before-especially ones that focus on presenting it as a magical act.

That is why Vanishing Inc. is so excited to partner with Hector Mancha to bring you The Wonderous World Of Pickpocketing. Whether you're a beginner magician or a seasoned pro, everyone can benefit from this entry guide to the world of theatrical pickpocketing.

There are definitely real pickpocketing skills in here. You'll learn how to steal watches, belts, ties, glasses, etc. This includes specially-designed practice drills and routines. But, the true value comes from the ***psuedo-pickpocketing*** techniques you'll learn.

Through a variety of audience-proven routines, Hector will show you how to convince your audience that you are a master thief without you actually needing to be one. Along the way, you'll build up the confidence you need to work toward stealing stuff for real.

Within the routines, you'll find there is room to add in real steals if you'd like. But, most of them don't require any at all.

There has never been an all-in-one resource quite like The Wonderous World Of Pickpocketing. As you've come to expect from Vanishing Inc., 113-page hardcover book is exceptional quality and is beautifully laid out with gorgeous illustrations. Hector also makes learning fun as his writing style is both insightful and funny.

Whether you're looking to elevate your stage or parlor act, or just want to add an unusual and exciting skill to your arsenal, *The Wonderous World Of Pickpocketing is a worthy addition to any magic library.