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Lucid Dream (DVD and Gimmicks) by Jason Yu
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Make your dream a reality. A bizarre moment of visual connection. Adaptable to your favorite card routine.
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"The effect is very strong and shocking to your spectators and is a great way to do a card reveal on steroids." -Straight Talk Magic, Reviewer

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Remember Imprint, Extract, and Got Change by Jason Yu?

Jason's unique approach to visual magic has taken the magic community by storm. This time, Jason is sharing an underground effect he has been perfecting for the past four years. A practical visual effect you can adapt to your favorite card routine.

Welcome to Lucid Dream, a visual that's backed up with a concept that's so strong, it blurs the line of dream and reality.

- Completely customizable to produce a card, card box, and bills of your choice.

- Fully customizable with your hand size/color.

- Comes with 1 gimmick pack, with sample photos you can work with right away.

- Instruction DVD

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