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SansMinds Worker's Collection: Fake (DVD and Gimmick)
R: $25.00
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"An extremely simple idea, and a very cheeky way to switch a borrowed bill.This is designed for close-up workers and used anytime you want to openly switch a bill. In the past others have used various ideas that switch in the same way, but this is a product that makes sense and is makes use of a funny premise. You do the switch right in front of there face and it’s very open, you aren’t hiding anything but it does allow you to get a laugh and inject some humor in to your act. This little gimmick gives you a reason to put a bill in your pocket and switch it. You can then do whatever routine you want once you’ve switch the bill, but they also include a strong routine with a deck of cards and ‘their’ bill. " -Paul Romhany, *Reviews Vanish Magazine
What separates a hobbyist from a professional magician? It's not in the tricks, but instead in the ability to make things fun and entertaining, with the dirty work done seamlessly in plain sight. Fake is designed just for that. A bill switch that's simple to death, done right under your spectator's nose, while everyone is laughing so hard and no one suspects a thing. A real professional tool for the everyday magician.

Imagine asking your spectator to borrow a bill. You pull out a counterfeit money detector. Your spectator sees the UV light hitting their bill. The UV light morphs into a written sign indicating the bill is FAKE. You act like you're putting their money away while the audience is soaked in the funny moment. When you conclude the joke and are ready to do something with their bill, voila, it's already been switched to a prepared bill that will blow their mind away. A practical tool that hides during the laughter, allowing you to openly switch a bill in front of your spectators.

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