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Game Changer by Jason Ladanye
R: $60.00

A sensational book of magic and gambling effects with cards. 350 pages filled with 18 new, powerful effects, illustrated with 225 full-color photographs.
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"Gambling effects are VERY popular and Jason has some killer routines. If you love ACAAN routines then check out A Numbers Game. This is one of very times ACAAN actually makes sense in this premise. If you love great card magic then you will absolutely LOVE this book! It’s a real gold mine of incredibly routines and for those card magicians this will keep you going for a long time. It brings back memories of when I would take a book and study every routine in there. This is definitely one of those books you don’t want to rush through. Again, the book is a work of beauty, the production quality makes me want to put it on my book shelf of my top magic books." -Paul Romhany, *Reviews Vanish Magazine
Game Changer is a sensational collection of magic and gambling effects with cards. This book picks up right where Jason's critically-acclaimed debut, Confident Deceptions, left off. Jason has once again raised the bar with 18 new, powerful effects, gorgeously illustrated with 225 stunning, high-quality, full-color photographs.

Jason makes his living with a deck of cards, and the routines in this book come directly from his close-up act. These effects have been performed over and over for years in front of lay audiences. You'll find nothing but strong, polished routines that amaze and entertain.

Along with technical ability and presentational skill, Jason's strengths also include his creativity. He creates new card plots and completely reinvents the classics. The effects are constructed so as to baffle the sharpest audience. Although some routines in this book will require focused practice, any difficult sleights are taught in explicit detail, and the reward is well worth the work.

350 pages, hardback, containing 18 effects and 225 full-color photographs.