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The Inexplicable Thrift Store Find (Gimmick and online instructions) by Phill Smith
R: $25.00

A simple game where the spectator rolls a number on a totally FAIR die, and follows the instructions included on the 5 cards as they land on them. As a surprising finale, the final card predicts the player's random actions. Resets instantly. Can be examined by the audience. It works EVERY time, and nobody knows how...except YOU!
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Looking for a self-working trick? Here it is!

The Inexplicable Thrift Store Find, created by UK-based Mentalist Phill Smith, is a bizarre and intriguing self-working piece of magic. It is based around a fictional vintage novelty, the kind advertised in the back of the comics of yesteryear. The trick is a simple game - the spectator rolls a random number on a totally fair die, and follows the pre-printed instructions included in the game. As the game plays out, it finishes with a punchy, surprising finale that reveals that the player's random actions were predicted long before the game began - not by you, but by the game itself.

The Inexplicable Thrift Store Find resets instantly and everything can be examined by the audience. It works every time, and no one knows how... except you.