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Linkey (includes all Gimmicks) by Alan Rorrison and Titanas Magic
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"This effect is that can create the impression that you are able to do magic with anything." -David Regal, Genii Magazine

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LinKey by Alan Rorrison and Titanas

At any time you will be able to take your house key and visually link it to a rubber band. Both can be inspected before and after the magic happens. You can even take this super simple gimmick and link it to a borrowed necklace without loosing any of the visual impact!

We also teach you how to make a bonus gimmick that will allow you to borrow a set of keys, remove a single key from the set and visually link it back on and INSTANTLY hand it back to your spectator for examination.

Comes with a DVD, a precision made gimmick and rubber bands.